About Us

     1. overview

It has been over 60 years since the setup of navigation and ship related majors in Chongqing Jiaotong University and the university has cultivated approx. 20,000 graduates of different levels, who are employed in various shipping and ship enterprises and institutions. Maritime College was set up in December, 2006 and it changed its name into School of Shipping and Naval Architecture in May, 2015. Through years’ construction and development, School of Shipping and Naval Architecture has become the top-ranking training base in southwest China for higher navigation and ocean engineering talents.  

The school now has one municipal key discipline, one municipal specialty discipline group, one first-level master degree authorization spot, one specialized master's degree authorization spot, two municipal postgraduate joint training bases, one municipal master supervisor team. It now provides four majors for undergraduates, two of which have been listed in the national excellent engineer training plan, three of which have been listed in Chongqing municipal first-class major construction plan. The school also possesses four provincial and ministerial-level teaching, research and industry-university-research cooperation platforms, namely, “Chongqing Industry-University-Research Strategic Alliance For Ship Industry”, “Chongqing Special Ship Digital Design and Manufacture Engineering Center”, “Chongqing Navigation Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center”, and “ Chongqing Nautical Talents Cultivation Model Innovation Experimental Area”. Apart from above, the school owns advanced teaching and scientific research equipment and facilities such as teaching-training vessel, circulating water tank for ship model experiment, wind wave current comprehensive test pool, navigation simulator, marine engine room simulator, automatic engine room, etc. , with the total value of experimental equipment up to 80,000,000 RMB.  

School of Shipping and Naval Architecture is the only institution of higher learning in southwest China to set up navigation and ocean engineering related majors, and it is the chairman unit of Chinese Society of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineers and China Institute of Navigation; the vice chairman unit of Chongqing Society of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineers, Chongqing Institute of Navigation, Chongqing Society of ship building and repair. It sticks to the guideline of serving national strategies of “maritime power”, abides by the school orientation of “based on Chongqing, facing the ocean”, adheres to the school-running concept of “learning for practice, realistic and innovative”, shows its school features of “shipping and ship collaborative development, ocean and river combined”, and embodies the school spirits of “the sea breeds and nourishes life and the ship can sail to the non-restricted world”, with the aim to cultivate high-quality applied engineering and technical talents required by modern shipping and shipbuilding industry. It has made great contribution to the country’s shipping and ship building industry.  

2. School Emblem and Motto

1) School Emblem    


ExplanationThe design of School of Shipping and Naval Architecture (SSNA) Emblem adopts such elements as star, sailing boat, sea, waves and so on, which manifests sailing and exploring spirits of mariners and indicates that SSNA is full of vigor and has an unlimited bright future.  

   1) Implied meaning of “star”    

  The first star represents guidance and direction. It indicates that under the correct leadership and support of Chongqing Jiaotong University, SSNA will ride the wind and sail to the brilliant and splendid future.  

The second star represents knowledge and wisdom. It stands for the teachers’ and the students’ seek and exploration for scientific knowledge.  

The third star represents dream and hope. It indicates that the dreams of teachers and students in SSNA are as broad and vast as the starry sky.  

2) Implied meaning of “sail”    

The two sails respectively represents the first letter (H and C) of the two characters-“Hang” and “Chuan” in the Chinese name for SSNA. It stands for the two disciplines of shipping and ship.  

3) Implied meaning of “cradle”  

The cradle represents that NNSA is the cradle to nourish shipping and ship talents. Besides, that cradle departs at the right bottom stands for the body of a ship and sea wave or the Yangtze River and Jialing River. It indicates that the ship of SSNA will sail from Chongqing and to the vast ocean.  

4) Implied meaning of “1956”  

The word “1956” is explained that the nautical and ship education in Chongqing Jiaotong University can be dated back to Chongqing River Transport School set up in 1956.  

2) School Motto    


Sea breeds and nourishes life and the ship can sail to the non-restricted world  

3. Administrative Organization and Teaching Department


Office Head      


School Office      

Wei Wei      


Teaching Management Office        

Chen Xi      


Disciplines & Graduates Management   Office      

Peng Zhongbo      


Students Affairs office        

(Semi-military Management Office)        

Wang Xi      


Maritime Training Center   Office      

Chen Zhe      


Maritime Education Quality Management   Office      

Chen Yonghong      


Ship and Ocean Engineering   Department      

Yuan Peiyin      


Marine and Electrical Engineering   Department      

Yin Honghao      


Navigation Department        

Zhang Dan      


4. Leadership Team



Fan Xiaobiao        

Secretary of the Party Committee        

Lei Lin        


Li Lin        

Organizer of the Party Committee        

Tan Jiawan        

Vice Dean        

Jiang Pan        

Vice Secretary of the Party Committee        

Peng Zhongbo        

Assistant to the Dean        



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